Sobótka, Poland

Sobótka is a town in the Lower Silesia region, Poland, about 33 km southwest of the capital city of the voivodeship Lower Silesia Wrocław inhabited by around 12,000 people

Sobótka lies at the foot of the mountain Ślęża, which is the ancient Saint Mount of the Slavs where Slav tribes worshiped their pagan gods since ancient times.

Rumor has it that the name of the geographical and historical region of Silesia (Polish: Śląsk, German: Schlesien) has its roots in the name of this very mount Ślęża which meant something moist, and was the central cultural and religious point of the Slavic tribes in the pre-christian times.

To this day there are numerous artifacts and objects of worship left behind on the mount of Ślęża by ancient Slavs that depict the Slavic gods. However, almost all monuments and traces of the Slavic culture on this Saint Slavic Mount of Ślęża had been destroyed by the Catholic Church that conquered this land in the early Middle Ages.

What is most interesting for the tourists visiting this area there are numerous picturesque walking paths to the top of the mountain leading through forests, hills and rocky slopes.

The main walking path starts in Sobótka on the Armii Krajowej street right at the famous billionaire Barbara Piasecka-Johnson's villa who owned the Johnson & Johnson corporation and lived there until her death in 2013.

At the start of the walking path on the Armii Krajowej street there is a paid car park but we recommend parking on any random street nearby because it's absolutely free and the car park management seems to be ripping unaware tourists off.

On the way to Ślęża's top you will come across a Bismarck Tower in Sobótka (German: Bismarckturm Zobten) that is also worth climbing and there is a telescope on the top of it with which you can observe surrounding villages, the Karkonosze Mountains and during good weather you can even see Wrocław city from there which is astonishing!

On the top of Ślęża there is a small church with an view terrace and for a small fee of 5 PLN you can go there to enjoy a magnificent view and you can even see the Karkonosze Mountains and the Śnieżka Mountain near Karpacz.

Near the church there is a large glade with remaining of the ancient Slavic culture e.g. the famous bear sculpture, where people chill after the climb, eat food, enjoy their day and even light bonfires.

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