Sněžka or Sněžka is a mountain on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland, the most famous point of the Silesian Ridge in the Krkonoše Mountains. At 1603 m, its peak is the highest point in the Czech Republic, in the Lower Silesia region, in the Krkonoše Mountains and throughout the Sudetenland.

Sněžka was one of the first European mountains visited by many tourists. This was mainly due to relatively minor technical difficulties of ascension and the fact that since the 16th century many visitors to the resort have come to nearby Cieplicki Silesia-Zdroj and the well-visible Sněžka, visually dominant throughout the whole Giant Mountains for them an important attraction.

The first historical account of the climb to the top is in 1456, by an unknown Venetian merchant looking for precious stones. Soon, the first settlements appeared on the mountain, being primarily mining communities, using deposits of copper, iron and arsenic. Mining windows with a total length of 1.5 km remain to this day.

The first registered German name was Riseberg, mentioned by Georg Agricola in 1546. Fifteen years later, riesenberg appears on the map of Silesia. The German name later changed to Riesenkoppe, and finally to Schneekoppe.

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Sněžka reviews

  • Amit Sharma profile picture
    Really nice hike not a very big one...The route is really. Although check the trail you want to take. Yellow trail is very rocky not for a gentle hike up.
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  • Hernâni Botelho profile picture
    Amazing view, mostly foggy if unlucky, if view is clear has a stunning image to Karpacz and Czech Republic. Recommend in winter.
  • Natasha Wallace profile picture
    Amazing 🙌🏽 - get up early to beat the cable cart groups, we left at 5.30am and were some of the only people up there at 7.30am! It's tough but the views and novelty of stepping into Poland arr worth it!!