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About Cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files created by your Web browser when you visit a website which are stored on your computer.

What are cookies for?

Cookies are designed to store a some information about you. For example cookies enable the website to remember your preferences, your browser settings, your language, currency, locale, font settings, display preferences, login sessions or other information that is used to improve your experience, and so that you don't have to re-enter all this information when you navigate to a different page within the website or visit the website again after you've closed the browser window.

For example if you switch your preferred locale at using the language switch button, we store this information in a cookie on your computer, so that the next time you visit we can retrieve this information and automatically set the language for you.

When are cookies created at

We usually create cookies when you load any page at, when you login into the service or change website settings (e.g. switch to a different language).

What cookies are you creating?

Currently we're creating the following cookies on your computer:

First party cookies:

Third-party cookies:

Are you using cookies for any other purpose than stated above?

No, we're only using cookies for the purposes listed above. If we change the way we're using cookies we'll be immediately updating this Cookies Policy to let you know.

How can I review and/or delete cookies you store on my computer?

You can view and/or delete the cookies we've created on your computer at any time.

Below you can find instructions how to do this for different desktop Web browsers, please refer to the section describing the browser you're using:

How can I withdraw consent for cookies?

You can either stop using this website or block cookies in your browser settings. For detailed information about blocking cookies in your browser permanently please visit