Książ Castle

Piastów Śląskich 1, 58-306 Wałbrzych, Poland

Książ Castle is one of the most beautiful and biggest castles in Europe. It's not only beautifully located on a rock hill with secret tunnels beneath it, it also hides many secrets from its turbulent history.

It is located in the vicinity of Wałbrzych, one of the most important cities in Lower Silesia in Poland, and it once belonged to Princess Daisy von Pless, member of one of the wealthiest European noble families in 19th century.

During WWII Książ castle was is believed to be reconstructed by the Nazis to harbor one of the Adolph Hitler's headquarters. Numerous secret underground tunnels were built that allegedly lead even to Wałbrzych city center.

Książ Castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and alleys as well as stable where there is a cafe now.

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Książ Castle reviews

  • Mark Szolkowski profile picture
    A large castle in scenic grounds. It's hard to believe that a staff of hundreds looked after a small family here! I went to the "ghost tour" between Christmas and New Year - recommended but not for the faint of heart!
  • Goran Ristić profile picture
    Such a beautiful place. It's beautiful in summer in winter, with snow, without snow. Whatever I say it's not enough to describe beauty of this place. I just can recommend to come and feel all of it's beauty.
  • Sebastian Tomaszewski profile picture
    One of the most beautiful and best preserved castles/ palaces in Poland. The presence of Nazis, who built the underground tunnels, during WW II adds the spice to the story. I recommend visiting it by night, but I assume visiting during the day will as exciting.
  • Sasha Hrodzitska profile picture
    A magnificent castle, the third largest in Poland, one of the best in Europe. An incredibly beautiful place. Having got there, I kind of plunged into the past, for me the castle began to come to life. I felt all its power, strength, beauty ... A magical place. I want to go there again
  • Laurent Brack profile picture
    Very nice castle however the inside is pretty empty. As it was explained to me, the original artwork was looted by the Nazis. So you had a printed copy of the Mona Lisa in one of the room. Speaking of Nazis, you can visit an underground network that was... read more