Skull Chapel

Stanisława Moniuszki 8a, 57-350 Kudowa-Zdrój, Poland

The Skull Chapel (pol. Kaplica Czaszek) is an ossuarium located in Kudowa-Zdrój in Czermna, Lower Silesia, right at the Polish-Czech border.

The chapel was erected in the 18th century and it holds a massive collection of real skulls and bones of the deceased monks, as well as people who fell victim to the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648), Silesian Wars (1740–1763), and victims of various epidemics that plagued Europe in the 17th and 18th century. The skulls of the chapel builders are also buried in the chapel and on the altar that's inside of the building. The skeletal remains of the human bodies are placed on every wall, ceiling and also on the floor which makes a huge impression when you enter the chapel.

The Skull Chapel is an extraordinary place because it's only one of that type on the Polish soil and only one of six in whole of Europe.

For non-polish speaking visitors there are descriptions and recordings telling the story of this place in German, English and Czech languages.

The chapel is open to visitors for a small fee but you need to phone in first to reserve your spot by calling +48 866 14 33 and there is also a convenient car park right at the entrance (also paid). Please note that the chapel, which is in fact a museum, is closed on Mondays so plan your trip accordingly.

Next to the chapel there is a small church of Saint Bartholomew the Apostle surrounded by a very old picturesque cemetery where monks, priests and nuns are buried who lived and worked for the church thorough centuries.

The Skull Chapel is located in Czermna, which is part of Kudowa-Zdrój, a spa town built by the Germans, that also holds numerous attractions so make sure to check it out also on

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Skull Chapel reviews

  • Louis LefroyBrooks profile picture
    beautiful place to see everything was just perfect
  • Abhilash A profile picture
    First of all, my deep respect to the bones and skulls of departed which has been exhibited. Place is small hall next to the church. There is no English guide. Ticket price is not worth as this should have been free entry to visitors. There should not be... read more
  • sjodl profile picture
    Just worth seeing.
  • James Addinall profile picture
    Qued up for 10 mins almost to be told no tickets, then the polish couple behind me get tickets. Similar happened to a family from Netherlands aswell who was told no tickets, went to bathroom & came back to more people buying tickets. I drove 2 hrs to... read more
  • Maxi H. profile picture
    They don't explain that you are not allowed to take pictures in the beginning, when u paid the entry and ur in the chapel and take a picture of this skulls, they throw you out and tell u just right then, that it's not allowed without giving u the money... read more