Jizera Mountains or Jizera Mountains are part of the Western Sudetenland on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. This range has been named after the Jizera River, which rises at the southern base of the Smrk massif.

The range extends from the Lusatia Mountains in the northwest to the Giant Mountains in the southeast. The Jizera Mountains are the source of the Jizera River, as well as the Kwisy and the Lusatian Lowland.

The main part in the south is formed from granite, in the northern part of the gnejs and mica schists, from some areas formed from the basalt.

Weather conditions are characterized by above-average annual rainfall. On 30 July 1897, the measuring station in Nová Louka recorded a daily rainfall of 345.1 mm, which is still an uninterrupted European record.

The highest peak is the High Kopa near the village of Szklarska Poręba in Poland. Without a nic, a better-known mountain is Smrk, with a recently rebuilt observation tower. Other peaks include Jizera and Stóg Jizerski.

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    Enjoy, while the river still flows!
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    Not sure how to review a river 🙂 quite small, cold, many rocks, many human dwellings around it and definitely must see. Because hey, it's a river!
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    Very beautiful!