What to do if I lose my passport abroad

If you lose your passport while travelling abroad it's very important to go the nearest local police station immediately and tell them about the situation.

Tell them the truth about the circumstances you've lost your passport in, whether it's been stolen or destroyed or simply you lost it. Never lie to the police about the reason you've lost your passport! The police will issue you an official report that states why you've lost your passport which is crucial for the further proceedings.

Now, you must go to the local diplomatic institution of your home country: it could be an embassy if your country has one in the country you're visiting, or a consulate of your home country, and tell them you've lost your passport. You must present the official police report you've been given at the police station stating the reason why you're passport is missing.

As mentioned before the embassy or consulate staff will examine the police report and your particular situation. They will be able to issue you a temporary passport which allows you to travel back home. The issuing process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, so please prepare to wait some time.

Depending on the reason you've lost your passport the diplomatic institution will issue you a new passport for free only if it's been stolen. If you lost or damaged your passport you will need to pay a fee that is usually higher than the standard fee you're paying at home for issuing passport. Again, don't lie to the embassy/consulate staff about the reason why you've lost your passport just to save some money, it's not worth it as it could mean further problems for you later on.

Please note that you can't travel anywhere else with this temporary passport, but back to your home country. You also cannot leave your home country with this passport again and you will need to get a regular passport once back home.

If your country doesn't have an embassy or consulate in the country you're visiting and you're an European Union citizen you can go to any embassy or consulate of any of the European Union countries and they will service you just like you were their citizen.