Useful tips for Majorca holidaymakers

The 24-hour public drinking ban

Majorca has introduced 24-hour public drinking ban to keep booze-tourists at bay and attract better-behaved and more wealthy tourists to the island.

The island authorities are fed up with drunken holidaymakers who started brawls, littered and didn't let normal tourists with children enjoy their holiday.

The Balearic holiday island of Majorca, has been a the favorite destination for binge drinkers from the UK and Germany, but now with the 24-hour public drinking ban and hotels upgrade the authorities want to attract a higher spending clientele and get rid of binge drinking tourists.

So if you're in Majorca remember that drinking in public is prohibited.

Driving in Majorca

British visitors please remember we drive on the right side of the road in Majorca.

There are numerous car rentals in Majorca or you can bring your own car on a ferry.

When driving in Majorca please obey these rules:

Public transport in Majorca


In Majorca there is a train service operating from the Plaza d 'España transportation hub in Palma. You can get significant discounts on train services with the Intermodal Card which also can be used on other public transport means.

Train network is not very dense and it only connects Palma and Sa Pobla, and Palma and Manacor. Trains depart hourly.


There are two bus companies in Majorca: the EMT operating within Palma, and the TIB which covers the entire island with their bus links.


Taxis are very popular in Palma. They are in white color and always display the taxi license and vehicle number.

The good thing is that licensed taxis must display the fares on the passenger side so that customers aren't ripped off or surprised with overly priced service.

There are also taxi services operating in other cities in Majorca, and they are all painted white so it's easy to spot them.