Chernobyl attracts now more tourists than ever thanks to the Netflix series

The nuclear fallout zone near Chernobyl is gaining more and more popularity as the tourist from all around the world come to visit the former Soviet nuclear plant destroyed during the horrible disaster in 1986.

Chernobyl is located in Ukraine in the Kyiv Oblast near the Belarusian border and the area round the complex is still an exclusion zone where normally you can't enter but you can get there with a paid tour guide that will test you for radioactivity after you leave the zone.

Chernobyl gained huge popularity lately after the launch of the Netflix's series under the same name this year and hundreds of tourist from all of Europe flock there to see with the infamous nuclear plant with their own eyes.

Nearby Chernobyl there is an abandoned town of Pripyat where nearly 50 thousand people lived before the disaster and now it's a ghost town with horrifying buildings falling into disrepair that are silent witness of this horrible event.

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