Buying a prepaid SIM card in Portugal

Unlike in some other countries getting a prepaid SIM card in Portugal is very straightforward, so we highly recommend getting it to avoid high romaing costs especially if you're heavy internet user.

Mobile operators in Portugal

In Portugal there are currently three major mobile network operators:

As Vodafone offers overall best coverage and reasonable prices we recommend using this operator for most travelers.

How to buy a SIM card in Portugal

In Portugal you can buy a prepaid SIM card almost everywhere including airports, gas stations and shops.

Major operators also often operate their own stands, shops or kiosks at the airports and other places popular among tourists so you can get a card there.

How to register a SIM card in Portugal

In Portugal no SIM card registration is required. You simply buy the card, insert it into the phone and that's it. It's ready to use right away.

Also, make sure that the phone you want to use is unlocked.

How to top-up

You can top-up your card almost everywhere. Just pop in to any store, supermarket or gas station and ask for phone top up telling them your operator's name and the credit amount. The clerk will issue you a receipt with the top-up code and instructions how to redeem it.