Buying a prepaid mobile SIM card in Poland

Our recommendation for prepaid SIM card in Poland: Orange / nju mobile

Mobile providers in Poland

There are four major mobile providers in Poland with numerous resellers (in braces):

Network coverage and mobile internet speeds

Because of the stiff competition between carriers in Poland and their extremely modern infrastructure, network coverage is very good across all country for all carriers and LTE is available almost everywhere including rural areas. In places where there's no LTE reception you will get 3G/HDSPA+ speeds at minimum.

On top of that, carriers share their infrastructure trough domestic roaming so there's virtually no difference for the end user which carrier they use. Virtual operators (resellers) also have very good coverage and internet speeds with no noticeable difference from their parent companies.


Current pricing can be found at the carriers' official websites: Orange, nju mobile, Play, Virgin Mobile, Plus, Plush, T-Mobile, Heyah.

Using a reseller (virtual operator)

Resellers are usually your best bet in Poland, because they are cheaper than main operators, often providing incentives and generous discounts, no credit expiry and offer the same internet speeds and coverage as their parent companies..

How to buy a Polish SIM card

In Poland you can buy mobile SIM cards in official carrier stores, partner stores, airports, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, supermarkets, street kiosks and mobile shops.

How to register a Polish SIM card

Regardless of where you buy your SIM card, it needs to be registered before you can use it. To register a SIM card in Poland you need a proof of identity. It can be a passport (paszport), ID card (dowód osobisty) or any other officially issued document with picture that proves your name, and date of birth. There's no requirement for giving your address when registering a SIM card in Poland.

You can register your SIM card at any place you buy it: directly at a kiosk, convenience store or petrol station. Just show them your ID and they will registered it right away through the internet and the card is ready to use immediately. It really is that simple in Poland!

How to top-up

The easiest way to top-up your phone is to buy a top-up card at any shop, supermarket, grocery store or petrol station. They usually hang by the checkout lanes and you buy them as any other product so you don't need to speak a word in Polish.

If there's no stand with top-up cards hanging tell the cashier the carrier of your SIM card, amount you want, and they will print a top-up voucher for you with the top-up code and instructions how to redeem it.

Top-up amount is fixed and can vary between operators, but usually you can buy 10 PLN, 20 PLN or 50 PLN top-up credit.

You can also top-up online by using this service, that accepts credit cards.

How to check your balance

You can check your current mobile SIM card balance for different carriers by following these instructions:

Customer perspective

Based on our research T-Mobile seems to have the highest prices and lower-than-average customer satisfaction, so we recommend using other carriers.