Buying a prepaid SIM card in Malaysia

Getting a SIM card in Malaysia is relatively easy and cheap and it will allow you to avoid high roaming costs while delivering high data transfer speeds with generous limits.

Mobile operators in Malaysia

In Malaysia there are five main mobile network operators:

While Celcom and Maxis are the most popular networks in Malaysia, Digi sometimes offers great packages for travelers so make sure to check them out too.

Maxis and Celcom have the best overall coverage and LTE transfer speeds are usually very good in every area of the country, so we recommend using one of these providers.

How to buy a SIM card in Malaysia

You can buy a Malaysian SIM card almost everywhere: mobile shops, convenience stores, kiosks, gas stations and airports. It's impossible to miss the shop where they sell the SIM cards, just look out for the Maxis or Celcom logo.

Prices and packages

Prices change very frequently so please do check official websites of the operators listed above for current pricing.

How to top up

Almost every shop, gas station and convenience store sell top-ups in Malaysia, so it's very easy to top-up your phone.

SIM card registration

Registration of SIM card is mandatory in Malaysia and you'll need a valid passport for this. You can register your SIM card directly where you bought it. The seller will take a copy of your passport and register the SIM card for you within a couple of minutes.