Buying a Canadian SIM card

In Canada there is a relatively low competition between mobile operators and the post-paid plans are preferred by the carriers with only a few pre-paid plans available. However, we highly recommend getting a local SIM card while traveling to Canada to avoid high roaming costs.

Canada has three main mobile operators: Bell, Rogers and Telus with Bell offering the best network coverage, so we recommend using this operator for travelers.

How to buy a Canadian SIM card

It's easiest to buy a Canadian SIM card at any supermarket chain or a shop that is selling SIM cards.

How to activate a Canadian SIM card

Before you can use your Canadian SIM card it needs to be activated first. The easiest way to activate is by calling a designated activation service which will require approx. 10 minutes and a valid passport because you need to provide your passport number for activation.

You also need an unlocked phone.

If you're using Bell you can activate your SIM card by calling 1 866 797-3941.

How to top up

In Canada you can't top up your SIM card online if you don't have a valid Canadian credit card, so we recommend topping up at a local mobile shop or convenience store.

Data plans for heavy internet users

Please check out Bell's pre-paid plans for the cheapest data rates for foreign visitors using prepaid cards.