10 things you need to see when traveling to New York

Take part in an immersive dance theatrical show

The McKittrick Hotel is situated in New York City at 530 West 27th Street, and according to NYC locals it features the most extraordinary dance events in the city, absorbing its participants with theatrical scenery and immersive dance performances.

The events at the McKittrick Hotel are not only music shows, combined with dancing and alcohol, but above all a lively theatrical representation, where on stage instead of standard dancers host actors, often dressed in exquisite costumes from the era, wearing masks and dancing on lines, from the ceiling falls confetti and customers actively participate in these remarkable performances instead of just passively observe them.

These events are vivid performances on stage, filled with impressions and strongly engaging participants. During one of the events, the hotel even installed a real grass on the dance floor to engage the viewer even more

Ship cruises around The Manhattan for just $10

The North River Lobster Company offers cruises around Manhattan, where you can around Manhattan from the surface of the water for just $10.

It is the only company in New York that serves lobster aboard the ship! The menu also includes sandwiches, snacks and excellent cocktails.

While these cruises are not too popular amoung tourists, they are very appreciated by locals, so you must definitively try it.

The ship runs every 40 minutes and you can buy a cruise ticket here.

Ride a cable railway on Roosevelt Island

Ride a cable railwayin the middle of the city? Of course, in New York it is possible!

The station of cable railway to Roosevelt Island is located at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and 60th Street (check on the map).

The ride to Roosevelt Island takes 4 minutes, during which you cross the East River, and can enjoy the magnificient view of Manhattan.

It is worth noting that the ride is completely free for the owners of MetroCard, so if you have already bought this card, we strongly encourage taking the ride.

Go on a cruise with lunch or dinner

New York offers a wide range of cruises that serve lunches or gourmet dinners with live music. If you plan a lunch in the middle of the day or a romantic evening with the loved one, you must definitively take a cruise that usually lasts from 2 to 3 hours.

You can check the available cruises and prices here.

Watch New York from the bird's-eye view

If you have a bit more cash, you can take a look at the New York skyline from a helicopter or an airplane. Altough the flights are not cheap, the breathtaking view on New York from above is absolutely worth it.

In the city operate many carriers who offer this service. Make sure to check out discounts and promotions especially outside the tourist season (the cheapest months are always winter months), when you can get up to 30% cheaper flights.

An example discounted price for one person would be 179 USD. Please check the current prices with one of the carriers here.

Explore the city while having fun

If you're tired of boring sightseeing tours then we strongly recommend Urban Adventures, a company that organizes guided tours of the best restaurants, beer halls, cocktail bars, shops and other places you might like in a privately organized sightseeing event.

Visitors' groups are very small (up to 12 people) and the events revolve around fun and leisure you can't go wrong with Urban Adventures if you like active tourism.

The company also works outside of New York so you can check their offer for other cities as well.

Watch the Broadway show

If you are in New York, be sure to watch the show on the iconic Broadway shows. Going to a Broadway show is not particularly popular among tourists, and it's more of a local thing to do, but if you truly want to feel the magic of New York you should definitively go to a Broadway show during your NYC stay.

Our tip: The cheapest tickets for the Broadway performances you can buy in the months outside of the peak season (i.e. January and February) and in the middle of the week (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Group tickets (more than 10 people) are usually cheaper. Check the current shows and prices here.

Try Brunching

Brunch is a meal between breakfast and lunch, hence the name. Brunching is almost a religion among New Yorkers, so if you want to feel like a real local you must definitively try it.

In New York, there are many restaurants offering so-called boozy brunches which is brunch in combination with unlimited alcohol. If you are on vacation then why not check their offer?

Also check out this article on for more information brunching and a list of venues that offer it.

Rent a jet ski and go wild on the Hudson River

There are many companies offering jet ski rentals in New York, which you can use to ride around Manhattan. So if you like spending time actively you should definitively check them out.

The jet ski trip is always attended by a company employee who is responsible for the safety and the route of the trip. Prices start from USD 150 per hour (USD 50 surcharge for the second person on the scooter).

See New York City from above

As the culmination of a trip around New York, we strongly recommend seeing the city from the perspective of One World Observatory, located on the 102nd floor of the One World Trade Center (see on map).

The observation point spreads through 3 floors and each of them has a breathtaking 360 degree view.

Prices per person start at $ 34 and you can buy them in advance here.